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miServices conducts comprehensive block management reports utilizing a block management checklist that considers factors such as weather conditions during inspection, external areas, building exteriors, building interiors, signage and notices, as well as fire safety.

What you get from Mobile Inventory Services

Detailed reports

Fully comprehensive inventory, check-in, check-out and mid-term reports using industry-leading inventory software.

Nationwide coverage

miServices has a large nationwide network of AIP (Association of Inventory Professionals)-certified clerks at your disposal.

Seamless delivery

Documents are created and sent using cloudbased inventory software to you. You can then send digitally to your tenant for signing.

Centralised booking

Our team takes care of your bookings so you don’t have to, saving you time and stress in the process.

What is a block management inspection?

A block management inspection entails a comprehensive assessment of a property or building, conducted by miServices to ensure effective management. During this inspection, various aspects are carefully examined using a dedicated block management checklist. This checklist covers crucial factors, including evaluating weather conditions at the time of inspection, assessing external areas and building exteriors, examining the condition of building interiors, scrutinizing signs and notices, and ensuring adherence to fire safety protocols. Through a meticulous examination of these elements, miServices aims to maintain and enhance the overall functionality, safety, and compliance of the property under management.

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