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Keys To The New Place

Check-in Services

With the check-in service, the inventory clerk will meet the tenant at the property and undertake the following steps:


  • Explain the inventory process to the tenant, including the locations of the meters and the fuse box.

  • The tenant will receive a digital copy of the report, allowing them a 7-day period to review and note any discrepancies or additional details not previously included in the inventory.

  • The tenant will electronically sign the inventory.

  • Retake the meter readings, if the check-in occurs on a different day from the inventory compilation.

  • Document and list the keys provided to the tenant.

  • Hand over the keys to the tenant, in cases where the landlord is not in attendance.

Ideally, the check-in should be conducted before the tenant moves their belongings into the property. However, it is feasible to perform both the inventory and check-in on the same day, provided the clerk is allotted sufficient time to complete the inventory before the tenants' arrival.

What you get from Mobile Inventory Services

Detailed reports

Fully comprehensive inventory, check-in, check-out and mid-term reports using industry-leading inventory software.

Nationwide coverage

miServices has a large nationwide network of AIP (Association of Inventory Professionals)-certified clerks at your disposal.

Seamless delivery

Documents are created and sent using cloudbased inventory software to you. You can then send digitally to your tenant for signing.

Centralised booking

Our team takes care of your bookings so you don’t have to, saving you time and stress in the process.

What is a Check-in?

When welcoming a new tenant, a check-in process is conducted to ensure mutual agreement and documentation. This involves a comprehensive walk-through of the property, inside and out, where the current condition is carefully observed and noted by both the tenant and the agent. By engaging in this check-in procedure, all parties involved can establish a consensus regarding the property's condition, promoting transparency and accountability.

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