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Block management

Some of our network offer high-quality property photography that's ideal for both rental and sales listings. Our experienced professionals, armed with cutting-edge equipment, specialize in capturing every detail and feature of a property to present it in the most appealing light. This photography not only enhances the property's visual allure but also acts as a powerful marketing tool, effectively attracting potential tenants or buyers. We recognize the paramount importance of visual presentation in the real estate market, aiming to provide exceptional photography that elevates your property's marketability for both rental and sales opportunities. With us, you truly achieve the goal of 'killing two birds with one stone,' obtaining superior visual representation for your property efficiently and seamlessly.

Find out if your local miServices offers this by heading to our network page.

What you get from Mobile Inventory Services

Detailed reports

Fully comprehensive inventory, check-in, check-out and mid-term reports using industry leading inventory software.

Nationwide coverage

miServices has a large nationwide network of AIP (Association of Inventory Professionals) Certified clerks at your disposal.

Seamless delivery

Documents are created and sent using cloudbased inventory software to you. You can then send directly to tenant digitaly for signing.

Centralised booking

Our team takes care of your bookings so you don’t have to, saving you time and stress in the process.

Why do you need high-quality photos to rent a property?

High-quality photos play a pivotal role in the rental property market for several compelling reasons. First impressions matter, and when potential tenants browse listings, the visual appeal of a property's photographs can significantly influence their decision-making process. Exceptional photos present the property in its best light, highlighting its unique features, spaciousness, and overall condition. They evoke a sense of professionalism and credibility, showcasing the property as well-maintained and worth consideration. Moreover, high-quality images generate interest and curiosity, prompting more inquiries and viewings. They provide a virtual tour experience, allowing potential tenants to envision themselves living in the space, which can lead to faster rentals and a higher likelihood of securing tenants willing to pay the desired rent. Ultimately, investing in top-tier property photography is an investment in maximizing the property's market potential and expediting the rental process, ensuring a seamless and successful transaction.

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